may i say i loved you more?

How can I fall out of love with someone? I do not want to be in love with my boyfriend, it's not fair, it's not equal and it is doing more harm than good to myself. I devote myself and get nothing in return.

How can I fall out of love with him? I cannot tell him how I feel cause he just gets angry. I can't express how I feel unloved because he'll just sigh and say "I love you" and expect me to believe it. Just words, no action.
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@ thinking time.

questions for you to make you think about where you are right now. you can answer them all, but you don't have to. pick as many/as little as you like.

1. what do you want more than anything right now?
2. will you go for it? why/why not?
3. what will you do if so/not?
4. how happy do you feel at this moment?
5. how happy have you felt generally in the past 3 weeks?
6. who do you go to when something goes wrong?
7. when something bad happens, do you... withdraw from the world/pretend nothing's happening/ignore it/cut associated people off/something else? basically, what's your most common "reaction"?
8. how do you think you deal with issues?
9. do you cry more? would you prefer not to, if so?
10. what would you most like to change about yourself/your life?

and finally, something i would like all of you to do (if not, i'll bug you.)
tell me three qualities you possess that you like about yourself. (not the obvious ones or ones you've told me in the past, mmk) dig deep. internally and externally. idc how many of each.
# pins and needles down my spine.


where have i been? hiatusing. going to school every day. crushing on flirtatious boys (okay, boy.) going to my first party.
being happppppppppppy for the first time in a longgg time.
like seriously. i would've been 8 the last time i was this consistently happy. crazy.

but i am on break until the end of next week. so! let's get back into it, k?

air your dirty laundry.

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Uh oh, boy trouble.

Okay, so here's the deal. There's this guy that I'm friends with, who's in one of my classes. I've had a pretty huge crush on him since October, when after a night of drunkenness which resulted in some rather risque goings on (not with me and him however) we both confessed that we found each other attractive. Problem was, he had a girlfriend at the time that he didn't seem to have any intention of leaving.

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# pins and needles down my spine.

# beauty.

i can't be the only one to think this, but personally, the only time i ever think a person is unattractive/ugly/etc. is when they don't smile. it just doesn't look good at all. i remember going through our pictures of ourselves post when the comm. opened and thinking, wow, all of these girls are beautiful; they're smiling. and i was sure to comment on anyone's who wasn't! not to say that you did look ugly if you were one who posted a not-smiling picture, but it was less appealing, you know?

i think everyone is attractive, pretty, gorgeous, hot... it's all about how you sell yourself. and i'm not talking eyeliner, sexy poses, and certain clothes. i'm talking big grins where your eyes crinkle around the edges, and laughter that's so genuine its infectious. and pictures where you can tell that person is comfortable and content with themselves in that moment.

that's beautiful to me.

and as usual, i suck at lying, so if i tell you i think you're gorgeous, not a letter typed was not filled with sincerity. you may not think so, but i think you're gorgeous. (just smile and you'll see what i mean.)

so, heck, here goes: i think i'm cute. yeah. i said it. people tell me it enough. and now i believe it. cute is a nice thing to be.
i think i have my own beauty and my own gorgeous. and yeah, i look at myself often and go, wow, i'm not looking attractive. but doesn't everyone have those moments? i don't think people generally can see how beautiful they are themselves.

which sucks. but i don't think it's impossible.

theydisappear is all about revolutions, change. do you think it's possible that you could ever see yourself as beautiful? if you don't already, that is.

also, i'm wanting to do a game/party/happy post this week. any suggestions for games, themes, etc.?
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Tell Her She's Beautiful.

I was on facebook and I came across this:

"It has come to my attention that as I grow older, girls get more and more self conscious of themselves. This hurts me, because every girl is beautiful in their own way. They all want to live up to standards that the media has set for them, like being paper thin or double Z breasts. It really breaks my heart to see all of the girls to wallow around and hate who they are and think they aren’t worth something.

I’m making this event so everyone can tell anyone that they think is beautiful, that they are beautiful. Just tell them. They don’t hear it enough, and they want to hear it. Tell anyone; tell your friend, your mother, your sister, your cousin, your dog for all I care. Let’s show girls that we don’t care about the standards that they set for themselves and that we like them the way they are.

Let’s show every girl that they really are beautiful. So tell them, it’ll make their day.

Girls, you ARE beautiful."

It's a pretty cool event, it immediately made me think of this community. Just thought I'd share so we all can participate! :)


♥ ♥ ♥
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@ anon post 06.

go wild with some anonness. tell us your secrets, the most trivial things. anything you can't say anywhere else. we won't judge or try to figure out who you are (most of the time), we'll just reply and tell you how awesome you really are.

feel free to put your name to your secrets. tell me how your day is or your biggest confession. i don't mind. and you can tell us happy things too, remember!

comments are not i.p. logged. and we are always here for you. no questions asked.

and i would also like to shout out to my bestest friend, joanne, without whom i pretty much might just choose to keel over and stop existing. a day without her is like a day without sunshine. /cheese. :)

# pins and needles down my spine.

@ spammage.

been meaning to do this for AGES.

kay, you know how almost every post i do i have a cool weheartit graphic in it? or sometimes one of you submits a post with a dozen of them?

let's spam each other with awesome/pretty/hilarious/sweet pictures from weheartit/google/flickr/wherever, okay?

please leave a link after the image so we know where it came from.

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